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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I got the impression that in the 23rd century food synthesizers are mainly used on starships (remember the wheat shipment in "Trouble For Tribbles") whereas in the 24th century replciators seems to be standard everywhere and real food the exception (Riker makes eggs in "Time Squared", Picard's brother and sister-in-law in "Family").
I took it the shipment was meant for the colony use it to become self sustaining economically. Wheat is a good export product for any species that can eat it. But TOS never really explained the "food slots." I have heard explainatiosn that range from and elborate conveyor system from the galley, to recontitued foods made when one puts in the "dics." We do know for a fact they had a Chef aboard the Enterprsie in "Charlie X" who was voiced by GR himself!

I assume "Food Slots" and replicators are nowhere near the same thing. Replicators can, I assume, "create" actual foodstuufs via transporter technology.
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