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Originally Posted by Lady Vaako View Post
I know it's probably wrong but I've always had a crush on Dukat, I can't help it. I'm not condoning any of the atrocities that were committed under his regime in any way but I find him extremely charismatic and he's by far my favourite ST villain because he's such a multi-layered, fascinating and mysterious character. I agree with everything you just said... And do you remember how loving he was with his daughter? He was absolutely devastated when she died.
That's exactly what made him such a compelling character, someone you didn't know if you loved to hate or hated to love. The best villains are those who are multi-faceted, appealing and can even be sympathetic, rather than just one-dimensional moustache-twirling bad guys who are just doing bad things because they are eeeevil.

Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Yeah, Dukat would have been too much for Gene I think. I think Khan was as far as you could go, and with Star Trek II, he had less control of the film which is why he became "Executive Consultant" rather than "Producer" like he was with TMP.
Well, Dukat in any case proved to be too much for Ira Steven Behr.
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