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Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
I'm glad Gene's input was limited/next to none on DS9. If Gene had overseen the show it would of been what the first two seasons were. Finding weird phenomenon week to week and have no character growth. DS9 got interesting from season 3 onward. In fact, I started my collection of DS9 box sets from 3-7 first then bought 1 and 2 later.
Not really. Season 2 had very few 'weird phenomena' episodes, and a lot of character growth (Odo, Kira, Quark, Garak, Dukat...), political intrigue and stories that explored the complexities of alien societies (Bajorans, Cardassians) in a more complex way, and it introduced some storylines that would play a big role in the next seasons (the Maquis, and of course, Dominion).

To be fair to season 1, it wasn't all about the weird phenomena episodes , but it was a shorter season and there were too many of them, especially in the middle of the season, and they stuck out even more since most of them were bad. They also used too many TNG characters cameos early on. Still, there was character development (Emissary, Past Prologue, A Man Alone, Battle Lines, Progress, and of course Duet and In the Hands of the Prophets), particularly for Kira and Odo, while Sisko got most of it in the pilot, laying the groundwork for what was to come in the next seasons.

In season 2, we did get a few standalones like Melora, Second Sight, Rivals, Paradise, Shadowplay, but we also got: more exploration of Bajoran (the Circle trilogy at the start of the season, The Collaborator) and Cardassian politics/society (Cardassians, Profit and Loss, Tribunal), Occupation flashbacks in the noir-like Necessary Evil, story of the consequences of the Occupation inthe above mentioned Cardassians (also with some good character moments for O'Brien), The Maquis two-parter (not just introducing the Maquis storyline that would return in later seasons in Defiant, For the Cause, For the Uniform, Blaze of Glory, but also featuring the first significant character development for Dukat), Garak-centric The Wire, further exploration of Odo's background and identity (The Alternate), re-introduction of Klingons and the introduction of Dax's interest in Klingon culture (Blood Oath), significant developments in dynamics such as Odo/Kira, Garak/Bashir, Sisko/Dukat, and the mention and eventually introduction of the Dominion (The Jem 'Hadar).

I don't see why you would consider season 2 to be inferior to season 3 - they are quite similar, and S3 had as many 'weird phenomena' standalones as S2 (Meridian, Fascination, Visionary, Distant Voices). I actually prefer season 2, and I'd argue that S3's lame episodes such as Meridian or Fascination were far worse than season 2's lame episodes. And as for the Dominion, its role in season 3 is not that big as it might have been anticipated (kind of like Klingons in season 4) - it's only fully used in the season opener, the wonderful Improbable Cause/The Die Is Cast, Heart of Stone, and the finale. The rest of the season is pretty much business as usual: Ferengi episodes (although The House of Quark is one of my favorite Quark episodes), MU episode (weaker than the S2 one), weird phenomena/comedy episodes, Dax-centric episodes (granted, I prefer S3 Dax episodes to S2 Dax episodes), and more Bajor/Cardassia political intigue, which I always enjoyed (and S3 gave Second Skin, one of my all-time favorites), but it doesn't make S3 different than season 2.
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