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Originally Posted by Lady Vaako View Post
I know it's probably wrong but I've always had a crush on Dukat, I can't help it. I'm not condoning any of the atrocities that were committed under his regime in any way but I find him extremely charismatic and he's by far my favourite ST villain because he's such a multi-layered, fascinating and mysterious character. I agree with everything you just said... And do you remember how loving he was with his daughter? He was absolutely devastated when she died.
Yeah, I can't believe Damar did that. He broke down and that event was one of the few times where we see the true Dukat come out. Feelings and all. I guess after her death he became mad and just took up religion as many of us do once something devistating happens. The only problem with Dukat, was that he took up religion along with hatred.
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