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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I don't think he would have liked much about DS9, it was a very different show than what Roddenberry had created.
There's a school of thought that he probably would not have liked how it all ultimately played out.

Of course he also decided parts of V were apocryphal, said during a showing of TUC he enjoyed it then memoed his lawyers with pages of things he didn't like about it etc

Who knows for sure.

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
If I remember right, DS9 was the last show that Mr Roddenberry had any input into. He was involved in the early stages of its inception, but passed away before the show actually came to life. It's entirely possible that Dukat was part of his vision for the show.

It definitely took on a life of its own under its subsequent writing staff, though - Ira Behr, in particular, brought a rather profoundly dark new angle to things, like having Sisko's plot lure the Romulans into the Dominion War; even the war itself was something of a departure from what was once envisaged, and it earned mild criticism from the late Mrs Barrett-Roddenberry for detracting from Trek's former vision of optimism and light in the future. Still, I feel that DS9's later seasons were a superb glimpse into the grimmer, less selfless and utopian side of 24th-century life, love and war. Dukat definitely played a big part in that.
It lifted the veil to the dark underbelly of the Roddenberry vision quite thoroughly.

Some liked that, some didn't.

It basically showed that there was a big galaxy and Federation aside, not everyone lived in a paradise from cradle to grave and that it could be threatened.

A big part of the War was how far would the citizens/defenders of paradise go to keep it?

The answer was pretty far.
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