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Default Star Trek And Vegetarianism

Remember that ENTERPRISE episode at the start of the first season where T'Pol comments on Archer and Trip eating "the flesh of animals." I don't know whether or not it had been established earlier in any of the prior series what the future diet of humanity in the 23rd and 24th century would consist of, but the scene I mention is the first time it hit me that the diet of the future might be very much like the diet of today. There are some people who consider eating the flesh of animals as inconsistent with respect for higher, or intelligent life, which is the mission of Star Trek. That is to search for intelligent life, not to destroy and conquer it, but to respect its existence. So, my question is, is a diet of eating the flesh of animals, IYO, consistent with this or not? And if it is or is not, why or why not?
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