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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Do any of you think that Dukat has a good heart at all? Or is he someone who is just pure evil on the inside with a soft shell on the outside? I get sense of a little of both actually. There are times when I notice him to be very sarcastic and untrustworthy, and I'm glad that most of the people he talks to don't fall for his sarcastic undertone, but at the same time I'm in the dark. This is what makes Gul Dukat such a great villian. There is much mystery to him as opposed to someone like the Founder, Weyoun or Nero, who just want one thing and all act on what they want. With Dukat, I'm not sure wither to put him as an enemy or a neutral ground who truely wanted freedom for Cardassia but at the expence of everyone not getting credit but him.

I just saw "Heart of Glory" and I actually started to have sympathy for Dukat. Having the whole episode devoted to him was something that I felt was needed by far. He is still a mystery, but at least we get to see how his trueself is, or at least what we percieve it to be. And when he mentioned about how Cardassia was a dying people and that he was the only true Cardassian left to fight for it, I felt that there is something more to him. But in the end, there is no excuse for what he did during the Occupation. That was inexcusable and I'm glad that Kira will never forgive him for that, no matter how nice he is on the inside. The closest thing to Kira forgiving Dukat, was when she said, "Yes, too bad a lot of people had to die for his education [of realizing that what he did was wrong]." She is strong and won't fall for him. But, I think there is more to Dukat than meets the eye and we never really know about the true Dukat.

However, in the end he just turns to pure evil and there's nothing left to know about him, other than that he doesn't have a care in the world after his daughter was murdered.
You mean "Return to Grace". Great episode.

Dukat was a great character and a great villain/antagonist exactly because he was complex and multi-faceted, as you observed. But unfortunately, Ira Steven Behr got upset by the character's popularity and decided to hammer it home that Dukat was the bad guy in case someone didn't get it, so he did his best to turn Dukat into a cartoon. As a result, we got the ridiculous red eye demonic possession storyline.
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