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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I prefer Kes because she is cute, innocent, warm and friendly (especially to "lower lifeforms" like the Doctor) and, last but not least, curious and eager to learn. She is THE Trek character who made the words "explore strange new worlds ..." her own.

I agree that Seven brought more conflict into the show but at the same time she dominated the show too much alongside Janeway and many stories became a bit too blunt, direct-in-your-face-like, compared to the quieter influence of Kes.
So the Janeway-Seven-show point shows that Kes wasn't the only characters who was badly or underused.
I agree with your assessment. I think the Doctor also had too many blunt, direct-in-you-face-like episodes as well, especially after Kes' departure. Led to the stagnation of the series IMO.
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