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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Yes!! They should have replaced Kes with Seven and I am glad they did. Kes was such a useless character. Seven of Nine was not only great eye candy (I won't pretend that was NOT a consideration while designing her "uniforms") but she was a great character. I loved how she said what was on her mind. She didn't really know how to tell little white lies in order to save someone's feelings. I liked that she butted heads with Janeway. I think that also helped the character of Janeway. It was a great move and I am glad it happened
Although Seven's outfits were somewhat ridiculous, they somehow fit the character (I don't think for a minute that it was the intention when they pulled out yet another catsuit). She was totally unaware of her own sexuality and how gorgeous she really was. I have to say that her heels were not very practical but Janeway had reasonably high heels.too. Kate Mulgrew said it was because all the guys were really tall and she'd have looked stupid next to them in low heels.

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