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I realize "adding" Seven was an attempt to revamp the show, and during her three seasons, Kes went from being Alien squeeze to Counselor Troi light to Nurse Chapel with a modern haircut and cute, colorful outfit. In other words, the writers didn't know what to do with her character. I personally think she was best as a Counselor Troi substitute. I was sorry to see her go. Even though i liked eye-candy Seven, i also liked cute, adorable Kes. In retrospect, i think Seven did add something to VOYAGER it lacked, a female foil and rival to Janeway. A kind of female Spock to Janeway's Kirk. Chakotay and Tuvok were totally ineffective as rivals to Janeway. Tuvok was more loyal than logical towards Janeway, i cann't remember a single instance where he used logic to challenge her. The Chakotay/Janeway friendship-light romance flirt ruined any potential of real opposition between them. He was mostly her enforcer, turning against his own Marquis. The one instance where he opposed her, in "Scorpion", was his best moment.

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