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Default Should they have replaced Kes with Seven?

First, let me just say I luved 'Scorpion' and found it entirely within Janeway's character to liberate a human drone from the Borg collective. Having said that, was it wise for the writers to have replaced Kes, an empath character modeled on Counselor Troi, with Seven, a ' Machine Becoming Human' character modeled on Data. For one, VOYAGER didn't need a character like this. It had the Doctor as the 'becoming human' character, and Tuvok as the logic driven computer/machine character. So what did it add to have another character with these same characteristics? Did it not just serve to remove potential stories from those VOYAGER characters and hand them over, instead to the Seven character? Yes, Seven allowed the writers to do more Borg oriented episodes, and give us a more personal look at them, but others will complain, as several threads already do, that VOYAGER ruined the Borg due to how familiar we got with them.
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