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Default tell your honest thoughts here.

im making this thread because Ive washed my hands with a certain user here.

I'm tired of coming to this forum to read this never ending merry go round of posts saying she will change then, then in 5 minutes shes already attacked 5 users.

or going on her pity party's saying she is bull****, or whatever the hell else it is.

this **** is getting beyond old, infact it's god damned annoying, annoying to the point im slowly losing my want to log into this forum, hell today i logged in to the see the portal filled with recent posts...ALL BY HER

I mean really now. how many more users does she need to piss off, shes already agrivated zim, managed to piss off zardoz, wich takes a hell of a lot, shes annoyed vince, horatio, etc,

I'm just tired in general of the lack of control on this forum, I urge any users who want a moderated atmosphere to come to vince's forum, there this wont happen we can assure you of that.

it's sad that I find myself posting a message like this, because normally I dont get this frustrated.

so thank you starwarsrks, you found a side of me I ****ing hate.

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