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Default And naturally someone gets really offended...

Originally Posted by DNA-1842
Originally Posted by Commodore
One bad generalization deserves another, because the Europeans really don't know how to make chocolate either.
No. I am sorry, I cannot let this pass!
Yes, you can!
A bad generalisation was indeed made about American chocolate. And although you can split hairs about how 'American' can refer to both sets of land masses, we know that in this case the generalisation made referred specifically to the United States of. That was a bad generalisation. But your one was far worse! You took a whole continent! The whole of Europe! Europe is not one country!
My typical American response:

Don't know if I agree with "sour and tangy,"--I always thought that better described non milk chocolate--but since my palate is accustomed to the taste, I wouldn't know.
Ah, let me assure you, 'sour and tangy' is a good way of putting it. Sour is bad, and sometimes tangy is good, but not in this case. And Herschey chocolate is not 'creamy' either, to whomever said that.
Ah said it and ah stand by it!
Dark chocolate should be bitter, but never sour.
Milk chocolate should be gently sweet, a round flavour in comparison to the broad spiking of dark chocolate.
White chocolate is usually altogether more sugary, and I don't go in for it much myself. I prefer dark chocolate to the others.

Especially compared to Cadbury's and Galaxy's milk chocolate, they are really sugary and have a granulated flavour, as if the memory of the sugary crystals are breaking through into the flavour...

Herchey's... Well, let's say it's not as bad as vomit, but it is as they have a little bit of vomit mixed into each bar.
That's what I've said about European chocolate (oops--there I go again)
Belgian dark chocolate... Whoohw... Very nice, especially one creamy variety that I obtained while in Belgium. Most 'Belgian' chocolates (ones not actually made in Belgium), while still nice, aren't as good as Belgian chocolate made in Belgium!
Horrid stuff no matter where it's made...

Okay, hopefully you've got your need to defend all of Europe out of your system by now. At the heart of this discussion is that it's a big world out there and different people have different tastes. People generally like what they've grown up with or is more readily available to them. As a result, what some may find horrible, others may find wonderful and vice-versa. We've had some fun ribbing each other about our chocolates, but that's really all that it was.
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