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I have been described as an "asshole magnet" and.. well its true.

I got dumped on prom. that was a pretty awful date.

Oh man, man. I had this internetstalker who was just the worst. I'd met my exboyfriend through the sports racer community from the zefrank forum right? right. we'd talked for like..3 months then i went and visited him, and when i got back some OTHER dude just freaking trolled me everytime i posted just the worst awful trash talk terrible, everyone was on my side, so we blocked him but every day he would sign on with a new name, sometimes two three times a day he'd send me vulgar messages. We blocked his entire area, like im not tech savey, but i had some peopel from the forum help. I just tried to ignore him..but it wouldnt stop and when he started sending me vauge physical threats (he knew i lived on campus at my college and he also threatened the people were were helping me and defending me) i went to the police. they treated me like ****!! If i had been a year younger it there would have been a NIGHTLINE show about it ya know? but they wouldnt even talk to me, wouldnt help me they were really rude about it. and i had already spoken to the police in this jerk's city, where what he is doing is a state crime punishable with 2 years in jail, but because freaking CALIFORNIA cops were to lazy to write a report and fax it to ****ing maryland this guy continued to harass me on three different cites for over 8 months. I was so scared.. and angry. Its all over now though.

I guess im still angry. this and a few other terrible experiences had lead me to believe there is no justice in this world.
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