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Thanks for the props, but I didn't think this thread idea was THAt good...ROFL!!

You bring up some excellent points!

I think some people see the action/adventure of Trek, without seeing it's underlying philoophy.

But jerks come in all colors, creeds, preusaions, one of the few instances where there is no prejuidce!! LOL

But (In a rare instace of defending Kirk)alot of his bias started with the death of his son. In TOS we saw him laugh it up with the Klingons (Day of the Dove), have sly word exchange (Tribbles).

Vulcan sperationists. The "logical' ones thought that sending away the "illogical' ones was the "logical and humane" thing to do. I agree it was a bad move, but makes for good storytelling.

Is it really prejudice if, like the Andorians, you hate eveyone including your own species??? LOL

But Red-

When I saw name-calling and rude, disperaging remarks against our own forum members, that for me went beyond debate. It went into the realm of hatred/open biogtry.

Otherwise I totally agree with many of the things your have said.
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