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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post

Some well said words. Your analogies are good.

But how did it make you feel Chris?

If you are referring to the thread that dare not speak it's name i did not feel anything. I just offered a subjective opinion in that case and it received a valid response that provided me with some food for thought.
I have said things though at times that are a little snarky and it usually has to do with how i am feeling with things that are completely external to the forum.
For example i think anger is what we feel when we are not in control of a situation. It's an inarticulate way of trying to regain control. So if something is bothering me and i jump on the forum pushing my opinion over another gives me a sense of regaining control, even though it doesn't really.
I don't usually get angry either yet i recognise that in myself and have deleted a few post that did not need to be said.
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