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I've only been involved in one or two deep discussions on here. This is the first forum I've ever joined, it's somewhat of a new experience. I can't say I like the 'deep' discussions all that much, like Chris said, people are too easily inflamed. When I first joined I got into some deeper conversations concerning technology and if we'll be anywhere near Trek in 300 years and that sort of thing, but it's not the sort of thing that sets people off as easily as some of the other conversations on here.

However I'd say the most heated of these debates have been an eye opener, informative, certainly, destructive, I wouldn't go that far but I was surprised by certain view points and their explanations for those viewpoints, but I guess that's what these forums are about, throwing what we think out there and discussing and as long as it is civil, it certainly is constructive, you just gotta keep it civil.

Lately, I've been posting more in off topic and tv shows, I typically like to just sit back and chat, but occasionally I do throw my two cents in to these 'deeper' debates.

Excellent thread starter, Zardoz!

What are your feeling on it?

"Death, delicious strawberry flavored death!"
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