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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
To me it's not the ingredients, of course every Trek movie needs some action and I am the last one to explain about a great space battle, it's rather the spirit, the soul, the thingy between the lines. And I simply miss what I'd call the Trek spirit.
Think about movies like "District 9" or "Dark Knight", they probably feature more action (or horror in the case of D9) scenes than ST09 and yet they are about something.
I haven't seen District 9 yet, and while Dark Knight is excellent it's a slightly different ball game to Star Trek.

There is no Star Trek film that approached TDK, past or present. It's beyond Star Trek's batting average.

For me, the spirit comes a bit more from the characters because other aspects of Roddenberry Trek I've never found plausible.

The characters here were mostly bang on and that's the real anchor for everything else.
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