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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Like what? More $hit blowing up and more stupid laughs, like Sulu not remembering to disengage the "parking brake", yet somehow making it to the flagship of the fleet is full of cadets? Would someone please explain to me why you would need to inertial dampen things OUTSIDE the ship when the entire purpose of an inertial dampener is to keep you, and everything else, INSIDE the ship from turning into paste on the walls due to high acceleration and deceleration. I forgot, that's too "nerdy" or "elitist" to think about
Ok, the Parking Brake - how as a joke is that any dumber or more unfunny than Sulu AND Chekov getting lost in a forest in Star Trek V?

It's exactly the same kind of joke and as such will fail or pass depending on personal sense of humour.

And regarding the External Inertial dampner - if you care to read the thread on the subject some very interesting theories were put forward about what function it may have,
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