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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
If most Star Trek films didn't have a pew-pew-pew phaser/starship battle/fist fight in them somewhere to satiate the action quotient (ever present in TOS anyway) then I would think that the term FluffyTrek could apply.

But I fail to see why we should kid ourselves that pew-pew-pew was never there and used heavily to move things along the way.

What we are bemoaning is a lack or allegory, metaphor or philosophy in the film.

Which is an absolutely valid point, but tempered by the fact that Star Trek was always a mainly action-adventure format show that sometimes dipped a little deeper into things.
To me it's not the ingredients (I don't want them to to tackle more serious themes just because they think the audience demands it. They should do their thing such that at least a bit of authenticity is kept.), of course every Trek movie needs some action and I am the last one to explain about a great space battle, it's rather the spirit, the soul, the thingy between the lines. And I simply miss what I'd call the Trek spirit.

Think about movies like "District 9" or "Dark Knight", they probably feature more action (or horror in the case of D9) scenes than ST09 and yet they are about something.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Indeed, but it's the studio that demanded 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' just the same as the studio wanted Abrams for the film.

Creative intentions are all well and good, but there's a price to be paid sometimes when the studio paying for it all wants to make their investment back.
Yep, I just wanted to point out that this conflict has been in Trek since the beginning and that ST09 is not an anomaly. We could add a number of silly. non-Trekish Trek episodes and movies to the list.

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