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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I might be wrong, but I have the strong impression that the writers and producers of ST09 are much into pop, not genuine sci-fi. I also believe that pretty much all of these people will produce the next Trek movie.
Furthermore the studio also wanted to make Trek cool, so I seriously doubt that they will change their mind after the success of ST09.

I have certain doubts about the long-run effects of FluffyTrek though, TOS and TNG inspired people. I wonder what impact pew-pew-Trek has upon kids who grow up with it ...
If most Star Trek films didn't have a pew-pew-pew phaser/starship battle/fist fight in them somewhere to satiate the action quotient (ever present in TOS anyway) then I would think that the term FluffyTrek could apply.

But I fail to see why we should kid ourselves that pew-pew-pew was never there and used heavily to move things along the way.

What we are bemoaning is a lack or allegory, metaphor or philosophy in the film.

Which is an absolutely valid point, but tempered by the fact that Star Trek was always a mainly action-adventure format show that sometimes dipped a little deeper into things.
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