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Default Why NuTrek sucks... so far

Everyone already knows by now that I have very little "love" for NuTrek. I think it was a fun and fast paced space action adventure flick, but poor Trek. I understand it was supposed to introduce non-Trek-fans to the world of Trek and therefore could not get too preachy or waste it's time with a "brainy" story. I get that. I actually like action and adventure. What I don't like is the lame attempt to attach this film to the trek universe through the use of the multi-verse theory and time travel, then the obvious trashing of 40 years of TV and movies.

So many things changed simply for the sake of change. If a non-fan can't tell the difference, why completely throw out what came before? Do sets, effects, and sounds really make or break a movie? WTF is with a $150 film not being able to maintain scale? That's a stupid mistake that many seem to not be bothered by, yet mention a four wheeled vehicle driven by Picard and everyone thinks THAT is stupid!

So... Nutrek sucks because it is Trek only because it is named Trek. It lacks the "soul" of Trek. It lacks the "brain" of Trek. And it lacks everything else that makes fans (like me) feel as if they are in a familar place. Some may say that familiarity is what doomed Trek, but I disagree. Good stories and great plots make or break a movie, not the little things like a thrumming warp core or beam type phasers.
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