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Originally Posted by DevilEyes View Post
She would have fit on DS9, but she would've been far from the edgiest person there. Worf was "edgy" on TNG compared to the rest of the cast, but on DS9 he seemed like one of the safer and duller characters. Not that Ro could ever be safe or dull, but saying that Ro was edgier than Kira because Ro stood out as the rebel in the TNG crew, is a bit like saying that Liam Neeson is taller than Michael Jordan, because Neeson is taller than most of his co-stars, while Jordan did not stand out as tall compared to the rest of the NBA league.
I think that brings up the interesting notion of 'fitting' - I think mileage does vary but I don't think Worf fit in all that well with the DS9 crew. Some he did work well with obviously, and the reason he joined was fair enough.

But, as one of the few Klingons in Starfleet he obviously stood out on TNG given the TOS past with them, and that was blunted on DS9 quite a lot. But he at least 'fit' on TNG better than DS9.

Similarly I'm not sure that Forbes and Ro would have 'fit' DS9, her Bajoran past notwithstanding. I think in terms of that show, I prefer Visitor and Kira of the two.
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