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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
Sadly Star Trek seems to have a habit of moving quickly on past issues you think would permeate through someones life for years, is why I'm pleased 'Family' in TNG explored Picards recovery after being assimilated.
Just as well, in this case. The only thing worse than seeing possibly the all-time worst episode of a franchise, is being forced to acknowledge that it happened. 'Threshold' never happened. It was somebody's bad dream.

However, you've brought up an interesting point. I know everyone just loves the TNG's 'The Inner Light', however it's a prime example of how Star Trek is usually too episodic for it's own good. Picard lived an entire lifetime on an alien world in just a couple of minutes, and even remembered how to play the recorder afterward. And he's supposed to just go into next week's episode pretending like he also still remembers how to command a starship? I don't buy it. I didn't buy it when I first saw it either.

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