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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
I think that of all the Captains, Archers character arc was the richest and truly showed him becoming a good captain, less prejudice against the Vulcans he saw hindering his mission and overall a more mature, well-rounded person.

Definitely one to watch in order, probably more so than DS9.
We even learn what kind of person he was before the NX-01 launched in episodes like "First Flight" or "Minefield" (a bit more subtle as he talks about his more relaxed command style, something the zealous Archer we saw in "First Flight" probably would not have considered to be correct).

While DS9's story-arcs are obvious in the later seasons, ENT looks like TNG 3.0 on the surface and the character-arcs, the relevance of chronology becomes only apparent after one has watched the show in order.
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