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Default Sci-Fi Now, worst episodes of VOY

Sci-Fi Now magazone had a 7 page spread on Voyager this month. Within it was the 8 best and 8 worst episodes. I couldn't find a worst episode thread here so I decided to see if others agreed with Sci Fi Now. I'll give a wee synopsis of each episode to remind you.

1. Favorite Son Harry is told by aliens that he is actually one of them and not human. There are loads of gorgeous females on the planet and one man. It turns out the women eat their men after marrying them and having their wicked way. Harry finds out in time and escapes.

2. Fair Haven Janeway gets some action in the form of an Irish bar man in a holodeck program. The program is an Irish village in the early 20th Century. Janeway keeps changing her bloke then gets cold feet about it all.

3. The Fight Voyager passes through chaotic space and get stuchk there. Chakotay keeps having dreams about a boxing match and it turns out to be the aliens trying to ciommunicate how to get out of chaotic space.

4. Threshold Paris breaks the Warp 10 barrier and satrts to have physical effects from it, including pulling out his own tongue. he kidnaps Janeway, they both break the warp 10 barrier, their bodies go into hyper evolution and they become some kind of lizards that mate.

5. Tuvix A trasporter accident makes one person out of Neelix and Tuvok. Tuvix begins to get to know people and becomes respected. When the doc works out how to separate them, Janeway has to make the decision to kill Tuvix and save Tuvok and Neelix.

6. Spirit Folk Back in Fair Haven and the holodeck malfunctions allowing the holocharacters to work out things are not right. They kidnap Paris, Kim and EMH and plan to kill them but Janeway's squeeze manages to use the mobile emitter to go out into the ship where Janeway kind of explains things.

7. False Profits Voyager stumble across a replicator signature. Turns out it is 2 Ferengi who are duping the locals of a pre warp society. The Ferengi had arrived via a wormhole which voyager tries to get through but Janeway's ethics get in the way again, the ferengi escape and the wormhole closes.

8. Unforgettable Chakotay meets a woman who claims to be from a species that are forgotten after 24 hours. She claims they were in love but Chakotay can't remember it.

I have also put an other category on the poll.

I personally think that Tuvix was OK. A good dilemma for Janeway and a hard choice. I voted for The Fight. I hate that one. It's dull and it's pretty hard to follow.

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