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Originally Posted by DevilEyes View Post
There are far more things that would have been affected by this than the relationship with Odo. Ro was a rebel in the Starfleet, but she had been an Starfleet officer. Kira was Bajoran Militia, someone committed to Bajor and its interest and not to Starfleet, and someone who, at the beginning, did not trust the Federation and did not want it there, which made things more interesting. Why do all the main characters have to Starfleet members? DS9 took the chance to change that around, to my great pleasure.
Of course, there is more than my post - that indeed is only one of many things that may have been different.

I do agree that as DS9 was in some ways attempting to open up the 'rest' of the Star Trek universe and show us how things were a little farther outside the Federation heartland that having too many Starfleet officers would have been counter-productive.
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