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Originally Posted by Odradek View Post
I think Laren was a more edgy character. In my opinion the writers failed with Kira.

Ro edgier?! Seriously? How so? How is a Starfleet officer who joined wannabe terrorists edgier than a hardcore former Bajoran terrorist who had spent almost her entire life in the Resistance? (Yes, in the novels we see Ro in the Resistance, but this was never brought up on screen, let alone with the candor it was on DS9, which did not beat about the bush and did not hide the fact that Kira had murdered many people.) If Ro somehow seemed "edgier" to you, it was because she was on Enterprise, where everyone got along and most of the characters were rather bland.

I like Ro a lot, she was my favorite on TNG, but I love Kira. In my opinion Kira was the best female character ever in Trek and one of the best Trek characters in general. I do like Michelle Forbes, but Nana Visitor was great.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I think Laren's Starfleet past might have affected where they could go with the Odo/Kira relationship.

Since Laren would have had no such history with him - it's possible that relationship could have worked out very differently.
There are far more things that would have been affected by this than the relationship with Odo. Ro was a rebel in the Starfleet, but she had been an Starfleet officer. Kira was Bajoran Militia, someone committed to Bajor and its interest and not to Starfleet, and someone who, at the beginning, did not trust the Federation and did not want it there, which made things more interesting. Why do all the main characters have to Starfleet members? DS9 took the chance to change that around, to my great pleasure.
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