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Default Kira vs Laren

There have been a couple of comments about this but I was wondering what the forum as a whole thought...

When DS9 was first being created the role of the Bajoran character was instead going to be Ro Laren from The Next Generation, Forbes didn't want to be in another show and so the character Kira Nerys was created.

I personally think that Kira was the best choice as it allowed for a history with Odo and allowed her to have been more involved in recent Bajoran affiars and the end of the occupation wheras Laren was on the Enterprise and the academy for the years running up to DS9, she also wouldn't have been on the 'home side' as much Kira was being in the Bajoran Militia.

Just my thoughts, am sure there are many ways of looking at it, what do others think?
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