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the Daedalus-class is ment to be smaller then the NX-class. which i never got.
STARSHIP CLASS Daedalus-class
Affiliation: Federation
(formerly United Earth Starfleet)
Type: cruiser
Service period: 2140s to 2196
Length: 105 meters
Width: 25 meters
Height: 40 meters

No. of decks: 7

Maximum speed: warp 7 STARSHIP CLASS NX-class
Affiliation: United Earth Starfleet
Type: cruiser
Service period: 22nd century
Length: 225 meters
Width: 136 meters
Height: 29 meters

No. of decks: 7
Crew: 82

Maximum speed: warp factor 5
Cruising speed: warp factor 4
Armaments: 3 PC-10a phase cannons; 3 FST mk III spatial torpedo launchers
Defenses: polarized hull plating
Notable systems: WE-5 warp engine; SBD impulse drive
Auxiliary craft: 2 shuttlepods
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