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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I like your idea, the Daedalus looks less elegant but more sturdy than the NX and the clear seperation of ship parts might (besides the easier exchange of a new engine which you already suggested *) make it cheaper to produce which is crucial in a war.

* - On the other hand, Drexler imagined the NX warp core to be also exchangeable, but that idea did not really transpire in the series and the exterior design of the Daedalus immediately suggests an engine exchange or rather an exchange of the entire secondary hull
Drexler's idea of a swappable warp core is not a new one, and it's plausible that there was an upgrade or two to the NX-class' engines during its short operational life (they may even have skirted warp 6 during the Romulan Wars, who knows?). But the Warp 7 engine may have been a radical design departure from Henry Archer's engine and may have initiated the NX-class' premature obsolescence. There's also the possibility that other technological breakthroughs developed during the Romulan Wars may also have driven the NX-class into early retirement as well.

For smaller, more utilitarian ships like the Daedalus-class, it might not have been an issue since being able to be built quickly and in larger numbers may have been their primary purpose. They may not be very fast or pretty to look at, but Starfleet could crank 'em out by the dozens in fairly short time. Even after the war, the Daedalus-class might have been looked at as the previously mentioned workhorse in the early years of the newly-formed Federation...
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