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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
So you guys think Archer would have still commanded the ENT into the Earth/Romulan war?

I agree the NX ships would have been forefront of any Earth Collaition vangaurd.

Wonder if the Vulcans helped out by letting go of soem of their more advanced technologies to help out in this war?
I think that the allies of humankind are a key question in any story ideas about the war. Why is the UFP founded afterwards if they fight mainly on their own? Why is it called Earth-Romulan War if it involves all of the four races?
Perhaps Earth was the main target of the Romulans and the other three species were only drawn in afterwards. Another attempt of the Romulans to infiltrate governments or to create dissent among them might have been successful, I doubt that they would attack a stable Coalition of Planets.

So I guess that mankind was on its own at first. Yet there is one Vulcan and one Andorian (the producers intended to make Shran a crewmember of the NX-01) aboard who might have reached out to their people.

Pitty the show was cancelled when it was about to become really good.
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