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Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
I know you weren't disagreeing I just wanted to say how TV has changed from the 90's to 00's. Basically I agreed with your previous point on different writing in the 90's as opposed to now.
I think TV series now are much superior to many films and now have the effects and production value budgets to genuinely compete in 'look' with their feature film counterparts.

The turn of the decade (around 2000/2001) saw serialised TV shows really take a quantum leap forward - 24 and Alias being examples - that has continued ever since.

Entourage, Mad Men, True Blood, Six Feet Under, BSG, The West Wing and many many others are great examples.

Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
A studio/network can put alot of presure on a writing team.
Although sometimes they also back down - Moore faced network pressure to retool BSG season 3 away from heavily continuing drama and towards more episodic structure.

Then they realised it didn't fit the style and story of BSG and so recanted and allowed the writers to get back on track.
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