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Originally Posted by TNG_Trekman View Post
Yeah I understand. I know Ron Moore didn't like writing that way though. He likes his character journey's like I do. Maybe that's why I seem to like his writing so much lol.

Another interesting point is Babylon 5. How much that show risked to have a more serialized story and people still hung in there for all 5 seasons. And that ran from '93 to '98.

It's amazing isn't it? How TV can change in 15 years. I was too young to fully understand how it all worked in the early 90's but looking back and watching those TNG episodes on DVD and comparing them to today's episodic television I find some interesting changes. No episodic television lol. Reality TV and more prime time serialized TV. Shows like 24, Entourage, BSG, Lost, Fringe, Flash Forward etc. That's how alot of TV is now.

People now want more from TV than the "monster of the week" as it were (and we still get those too!).
I wasn't disagreeing with what you said. Just pointing out how TV writing was done, usually influenced by the studio. TV is and allways will be about making money.

I have never seen B5, it wasn't broadcast where I lived.

TV is luckily getting away (as you pointed out) from "reality" style shows, and back to more episodic TV.
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