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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
I realize that. And that was unfortunate. I just wish they had done it right. After seeing the movie, it just seemed to me that the changes were made purely for the purpose of spitting in the face of long time, loyal, dedicated TOS fans like me. Like a bratty kid saying "na na na na na! I don't have to do what you say anymore!". I know that rhetoric is getting old. But that's just the way I feel about it.

Oops. Looks like I'm getting back on my soap box again. But I have to rant every so often. Or else it wouldn't be me and this board wouldn't have it's "canon fodder" for the gushers to aim at.
I'm a lifelong TOS fan too, but I look at it as two diffrent Trek productions, and that's what they are.

Ranting is good Zim, and we know you are a good natured guy.
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