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Originally Posted by MissionTrek08 View Post
One large caliber break, coming UP!

Impossible to predict where TREK might go after that, at least for me.
I'd like to see at least one more T.V. series set either in a post TOS but pre STNG era, or the pre TOS era. On a different class of ship. Maybe a survey or science research vessel or dare i hope, a pure combat vessel? A survey ship is just out crunching numbers and checking out borders, it could potentially run into any number of ridiculous and dangerous situations. A science vessel, like an Oberth, would constantly have to land on hostile and non-contacted planets where they would have to be constantly aware of the prime directive and probably blow it quite often, making for interesting viewing by us. A combat ship would always be sent to hot spots for inderdiction and be called upon whenever there was trouble to rush to the scene and assist other federation ships and peoples. Again providing really groovy story lines. Just a thought.
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