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Originally Posted by emlscs View Post
Gosh, I hope they're not thinking of trying the 'trilogy' ala Star Wars... I don't think Kirk has Darth Vader's level of infamy to sustain a 'origin-type' trilogy. But if they emphasize of Kirk-Spock-McCoy, they may have enough juice to keep a trilogy going.

(Is it too much to ask for an NX-01 movie?
Star Trek and Star Wars are totally different animals. Star Trek isn't about Jedi Knights protecting the republic, it's about human space travel and meeting new species and exploring new worlds. Don't you think Abrams is aware of the kind of mistakes Lucas made in Episodes #1, 2 and 3 that made them not quite the films they could have been? And we're not talking about the first three retroactive chapters of a six chapter serial about the rise and fall of a republic. We're talking about the genesis of the most famous ship and crew Starfleet ever had. The two really can't be compared like that. Alhough, i must admit a Star Trek vs. Star Wars movie would be really cool. The Enterprise could so take a Star Destroyer to the cleaners. Phasers against mere laser cannons? Give me a large caliber break!

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