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Originally Posted by colonyearth View Post
It will be a trilogy a la Trek, not SW. There's nothing wrong with a continuing story arc, it's what makes most sequels good. I'm certain that JJ, Orci and Kurtzman have already got some idea as to where they will go with a trilogy of films. And if you think there's not enough material for a trilogy, then think again. There's tons of material, especially since we have no idea what this film sets up or where it goes. Besides, it's called imagination (something most recent Trek was seriously missing).

If you want more material, you dream it's as endless as a passionate imagination can make it. (Note I said "passionate")

As for an NX-01 movie...I wouldn't hold my would be very sad to see you asphyxiate since we would miss you.

Livingston, I couldn't disagree with you more. This film was wonderful and flawlessly well crafted. There are layers of info if you watch for it and that takes well thought-out and intricate filmmaking. Everyone I know who saw it loved it and it was very well received by audiences. That's why they're doing a sequel (again, I believe they have some idea of where they want to go with it). This film was a wonderful American retelling of the original Godzilla (which is a classic and did the exact same thing). JJ has stated, however, that the first person POV of the first film would most likely not be used on the second, as that's a one-shot deal. It doesn't work on multiple films. But you can have your opinion...that's fine. Just please, don't use that opinion to in any way judge the new Trek...them's apples and pears.

Oh no, I'm not judging Trek based on Clover, just was surprised to hear that it already had a sequel in the works. Truth is, I have no idea what this Trek movie is going to be like, like so many others I'd say, so I try to remain open minded about it. If they can make three great movies that will add to the franchise in a way that will help it move forward, then I'm all for it. I think Abrams will deliver a good movie, I like his other work quite a bit and yes, Cloverfield, though he didn't direct was fantastic! I loved Cloverfield, I just don't know how a sequel to it would work. I'm not saying it's impossible, it's just my first thought on hearing it. To me sequels are tough and they can leave a bad taste, impression on it's predecessors. Just look at Nemesis, it wrecked TNG. To me one of the best instances of a remarkable sequel was Godfather Part II. Now seeing Godfather, I might think the same and say, I don't see how a sequel could happen, but they did it. Maybe Cloverfield would work as a sequel but my instincts tell me no.

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