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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
Okay, I know I'm gonna piss some people off, but here goes:

Now to explain why I like Enterprise as much as I do, because after TOS and TNG, it is my favorite STAR TREK series ever made. And here's why:

Let the hate mail begin...
Why do people who love ENT have to be so defensive about letting everybody else know about it? Just funny to me, that's all... It's like, we *expect* everybody to sorta flame us when we say how much we love ENT...

Anyway, back on topic - ENT had to fight off lots of great sci-fi series when it was on air, and simply couldn't sustain the viewership. TOS had basically no competition, whereas I think the most serious competition was between DS9 and Babylon 5, right? I'm not belittling the other series, cause I think they're *all* great, but ENT is definitely not the worst of the lot - just that it was born at the wrong time, that's all...
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