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No bad date experience as such but i did get stalked by a couple of different girls. One was via anonymouse phone calls and she would tell me personal stuff that gave me the impression that she must have been spying through windows at some point.
The time of the calls was pretty annoying but other than that it was a bit of a turn on.
I eventually sweet talked her into giving me her name and told her to meet me for coffee.
I waited out front to meet her and she pulled up with her window down. She was beautiful. She said "Chris i can't" then drove off. Either too embarrassed or that was the first time that she saw me in good light.

The other girl was more in my face. I met her at a party and talked with her as she was unattractive and looked alone as her friends went mixing. She took that as interest.
Would not have been a problem but my brother and my buddy were trying to hit onto her two friends and invited them down the following weekend to hang out.
All three came down and now she knew where i lived and kept coming down.
I explained that i had a girlfriend. I told her i would not date her anyway but we could be friends. I even had my girlfriend call her and ask her very politely to stop.
In the end when she would call i would wait for her to ask a question and just give one word answers so the conversation could not go anywhwere. It was uncomfortable and i felt like a jerk but it got the message across.
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