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Originally Posted by deg3D View Post
Much coolness, dude.

Thanks! I'm planning to get one of the smaller TOS Enterprise models sometime in the near future and try to add some details to it similar to your TOS.5 E. I think it would look pretty cool. And I'd like to say again that I love your version of the E. She's the best reimagined version I've seen. Keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to seeing more.

Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post
Passing on the legacy to a new generation, eh, Zim? Congratulations! I can only hope when I become a father that my kid will be as interested in Star Trek as his dad!!!

BTW, that is a great model. I may one day look into getting one, since my DST TOS Enterprise was destroyed...
Absolutely! Both my son and daughter thoroughly enjoy watching old TOS episodes with me. It didn't take much to get my son interested. Just a couple of episodes of TOS hooked him. He also likes TAS. I have the complete season on DVD and he watches it a lot.

You can find the cutaway Enterprise on Ebay for anywhere from $10 to $50 bucks. Good luck.

Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
My DST 1701 fell off its stand twice, but it survived both crashes. Since then I have it there without a stand and it's pretty stable.
I need to get that ship. I have the Art Asylum TMP Enterprise. But I really need to get the TOS model. That one is by far my favorite Enterprise.
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