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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post

firstly, I know having Worf command the Defiant in the battle with the Borg in FIRST CONTACT was "because the plot required it", rather than have Sisko in command and therefore either be beamed to the Enterprise in a coma (an injustice to the character) or have him in the movie (too complicated).

what I am curious about is there an "in-universe" explanation as to why Sisko is not commanding the Defiant?
surely he wouldn't pass up a chance to fight the Borg?
was Worf already near Earth on another mission at the time?
I figure Sisko was kept away from the fight for the same reason Picard was. As a man who once lost everything to the Borg, he could become an 'unstable element' in the fight due to fear or vengeance.

That, and keeping DS9's commander at his post would've been a high priority too.

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