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Default Borg Queen

YEAH, I know this will be a popular thread, who doesn't luv the Borg Queen? Anyways, I was just re-watching FC, If you haven't seen it, STOP READING THIS THREAD RIGHT NOW! I'm giving away a major spoiler, Which leads into my question. Picard kills the Borg Queen at the end of FC, so how come she shows up in VOYAGER later? Is there more than one Queen? Like there are for bees? Or does one Queen rule all Borg Everywhere? This seems to be implied in FC. But if that is the case, wouldn't the Borg Queen's death in FC, ruin the whole Borg? Like they were in the TNG episode, "Descent", where due to the individual consciousness assimilated by the Borg from Hugh, they became unhinged from the group mind?

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