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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I don't know, I seem to recall a while back that a lot of people here said the Star forums became an inferior free-for-all in the wake of the last Star Trek wind-down and losing their mods.

The same thing may be happening here. But if it does start to degenerate there's really only so much can be done to prevent it - i.e not much without the mods.

There's been a sharp decline in the last couple weeks it seems to me.
You're not alone in that observation. The last month has honestly been one of substantial decline here. I just wonder what else contributed to it besides a lack of mods and the whole starwarsrcks situation? That can't be all...

Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
And we know why that is
There has to be more than just that one reason. People disappeared before all of that began.

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