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Okay, That's cool.
I said before that it makes me uncomfortable to potray homosexuality on screen but I could eventually be okay with it. What you said shows only one side of that.

It's really illogical when people do that.

So let me start by asking you a question to see if you're capable of relating to the Christian point of view.

Botany Bay do you have an step brothers or sisters. Do know people who have any step brothers and sisters?

Originally Posted by Damage75 View Post
I agree. Name calling isn't necessary, but try this:

Instead of calling him a moron flat out, say "I disagree with this moronic statement".

See? Still gets the point across, but without the name calling.

BTW, totally agree with you.

Your views of my use of logic aside.
The use of moronic can have no diplomatic purpose. You're attempting insult him in a very indirect way. You chose him as a target and ricocheted the insult to him off his argument.

No it's not as bad but it can be just as insulting. He's making the argument so you still insulted him from my way of thinking.

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