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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
I agree that Affliction/Divergence were a bit of a fanwank and that the idea of a non-soldier Klingon was more interesting, building on season 2s 'Judgement'.

I really enjoyed In a Mirror Darkly, I think it's one of ENTs best episodes, DS9 got it's Mirror episodes, why can't ENT (I think DS9 was much more fanboy then ENT was with the Mirror universe).

Borderland, Cold Station 12 and The Augments were good in my opinion, a strong story with some decent themes and allegories in there. The only place I thought it was fanwank like was at the very end when Soong practically forced the link between him and Noonien making Data on the audience, to me hints and nods to the other series should be more subtle.
I tend to agree.
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