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I just found this thread....Eris, you are someone this board needs...please don't abandon us. I don't read the novels either and while I'm pretty expert on episodes, that mostly because I've been watching them for 40 years (no special skill...just age). So, ignore the snobs!

I will say that I'm probably one of the looser cannons around here. I just think, if you post something stupid (not merely in error...that's understandable, but stupid like "gays are akin to child molesters" or something) then you absolutely deserve to get virtually slapped upside your virtual head and told how stupid you are...sorry if that's not nice enough for everyone.

While it's never fun to see a board degenerate into nothing but sniping, it's equally "un fun" to see a board stagnate in a sea of "niceness"...

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