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Originally Posted by chator View Post
Yes, that maybe so. But i would argue it has become trademark Trek for aliens to remain very human. This Trek movie throws out those rules. It tries to make the Trek universe look like its populated with aliens from the Star Wars universe.
That's true, but it's also rather human-centric to believe that human-a-likes would be the only appearance they can have.

Non-corporeal entities not included.

Is some diversity in presentation of alien races really a bad thing?

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I still don't understand how someone could spend all that money on background aliens who are virtually invisible and give Klingons just some dreadlocks and helmets. I guess they mixed some Gondorian designs from LOTR and some pirate designs from Pirates of the Caribbean together.
If they were working off of TOS style Klingons (and not TNG style, as seems likely) then visually there's not a great deal to go on because TOS Klingons didn't have heavy make-up.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Just in case anyone is interested in the appaling nuRomulan design, the other two parts:
Very interesting.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
NuRomulans don't have anything to do with either of them by the way.
No they don't. That fact is in the script and delivered by Nero, by the way. That he is standing apart from the Empire and acting to his own plan.

So we are, in fact, not seeing Romulans as we saw them in TOS/TNG etc and are told that.
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