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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
If you wanna make an argument besides "TNG sucks because it is sooo PC" (which would not have anything to do with Romulans and not be true anyway), I am all ears as you often make excellent points.
Thank you for that.

I have very negative feelings with Trek TMP onwards actually, not just TNG and spinoffs.
Those are related to issues stemming from Roddenberry's ego, inflated from the convention days by fans. My opinions on his reactions to being sidelined and silenced after TMP and his "payback" with TNG are also on record. Nor is the choice of his associates and how closely they would "follow the boss" an accident.

Specifically answering your query:
In regard to Vulcans and Romulans (and by extention Humans and Klingons), the two enemy races in TOS are portrayed as dark mirrors of their respective opposite base cultures.
Romulans are the passionate warriors who embrace emotions and use them to great effect in their civilization while Vulcans deny these same base motivations. The clash of cultures (and similarities) is the interesting parts of their interactions.

Same for Humans and Klingons. The model of the historical Mongol is used as a basis for Human "civilized barbarism" to show the differences and clashing in cultures. The visual cue used for the Klingon appearance is not due to lack of "funding" but a deliberate stylistic choice to give the viewing audience a human analogy to connect with on more than just the visual aspect; but also the subtext that particular culture brings to mind. The confrontation between these cultures is the interesting part here as well, done to show how Humanity has "evolved", and at times not as much as some would like to believe.

It was unfortunate that this was jettisoned in TMP and onward in favor of other interpretations. The changes made for Romulans visually are also unfortunate since TOS heavily implied (an understatement) that Romulans were successfully infiltrating the Federation posing as Vulcans and conducting covert espionage. Balance of Terror all but underlines this in big neon letters invisibly written across the screen and was one of the salient plot points stressed.

It is not coincidence that the Roman culture was used as the subtext for Romulans either. It was a conscious choice to give the audience the clues it needed to mentally fill in the blanks about the culture. Miltiary oriented, advanced socio-politically and most probably a heavily caste system culture. These are simple subtext clues.

The changes to enemy cultures are expressed elsewhere by me on the unfortunate switch between TOS Romulan and Klingon cultures that took place in the TOS movies.

All this is not even touching the PCness of the '80's that invaded almost all of television (not Trek solely), but those are most certainly seperate issues and in which you seem to believe is my only gripe with post TOS/TAS Trek.

I never deny that those later series are Trek in the world's view. I just wave my hand and make them magically go away in my own mind is all. To me, they are as hand-in-hand with TOS Trek as Zim feels nuTrek is with Prime Trek, which is to say "in name only".
But it is still Trek to me.
Mostly. Sortof. Kinda. If I squint, while cross-eyed.
But that mostly just gives me a headache.

TMP Trek onwards just isn't my cup of choice.
I like coffee... black. Not Earl Grey Tea with sugar, Splenda, milk, lemon or whatever else is used to make it palpatible.
I suppose the same could be said for coffee, but then we'd have to go with whip cream, steamed milk, cinnamon/chocolate/caramel topping or whatever trendy crap is used to make it hip and cool and validate a $5+ pricetag per cup.

Does that meet the tune your avatar's pointed ears wished to hear?
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