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Okay. I finally got around to watching the clip. It was pretty funny. However, I have been called a "purist", "canonist", "traditionalist", etc. on this forum as well as several other more colorful names simply because I am a loyal fan of TOS. I have been talked down to and made fun of on this forum simply because I wanted to see a Star Trek movie based in the existing universe and one that follows existing continuity. But I find it extremely offensive when people like me who are fans of TOS are associated with the term "nazi". I'm an American and a Christian. To call me a nazi would be the greatest of contradictions in terms. I have to say that I agree 10000% with the captions in that video clip. However, I take great offense at the way it was depicted. That was blatant disrespect to all Trek fans, not just the hardcore Trekkies like me.

Okay. Rant over. Carry on.
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